Income Tax Services

The CGP team is made up of skilled business advisors who can properly guide you with financial planning strategies, especially where filing your taxes and tax planning is concerned. In addition to assisting you with your business accounting and tax needs, we can also handle your personal needs such as financial, retirement and tax planning.

CGP’s Laura Parrish talks about helping our clients navigate tax laws, reduce their tax bills, and prepare their tax returns.

Why hire CGP for all your tax needs:

Where business and personal taxes are concerned, hiring a professional accounting firm can benefit you a great deal. Here are some key benefits to consider:

  1. Experience – CGP has CPAs and Enrolled Agents with decades of experience.  You are serviced by only experienced tax professionals at all times.
  2. Knowledge – Training is key.  CGP’s tax professionals know the industry and strive to stay constantly educated to serve our clients better.  We can give you great tax saving ideas because we keep up the latest information and updates.
  3. Efficiency – CGP believes that our business processes make us more efficient, and, therefore, less expensive than comparable firms.  You should pay for only what you get, which is great professional service at a reasonable price.  CGP’s objective is to save our clients time and money in the long run.
  4. Accuracy – You can be assured that your tax returns will be accurate when hiring a professional tax and accounting firm like CGP.
  5. Prompt Communication – The ability to call with a tax question and actually get a correct answer that fits your particular tax situation makes CGP different.  Our objective is to return your calls on the same business day.  Timing is critical when you are making important tax decisions.
  6. Listening and Feedback – CGP conducts a thorough interview to gather your current tax information, creating a solid background for your tax return preparation. We make sure to provide you with all of the details, giving you the confidence that your tax return will be accurate and complete.
  7. IRS Representation – CGP’s priority is always accurately preparing the initial return in order to protect you from the IRS. However, audits can happen and going into an IRS audit without an experienced representatiive in your corner is dangerous.  CGP’s professionals are authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and are experienced in fighting for your rights. Don’t be on your own when it comes to an IRS examination.

Suggestions for hiring the right professional accounting firm:

Finding the right professional accounting firm can be a daunting task considering how many are listed in the phone book and online. It is imperative that you not only find a firm skilled at tax accounting and preparation, but one that utilizes customized financial strategy to meet your business and personal needs.

CGP has a long history of providing our clients with the most accurate income tax services possible. We also strive to monitor the health of your finances and keep track of your tax process, always ready to answer any questions you may have or represent you should you need us.