Financial Planning

At Criser, Gough and Parrish, we employ a strategic process to ensure we provide you with the best and most personalized service possible.

This process includes:

  • Initial client interview – We get to know you and your financial goals so you feel comfortable with our staff and services.
  • Tax preparation – We prepare and complete your tax return accurately and as timely as possible.
  • Personal financial analysis – We will create a detailed background of your financial status to develop a solid base for your financial planning strategies.
  • Wealth management and retirement goal outlining – We understand your current and future financial planning needs and goals, highlighting any special services you may require.
  • New business startup interview – We get to know your goals for your current and future financial planning needs, helping to create a foundation for assisting you with reaching future tax, compensation, retirement and marketing goals.
  • Returning client interview – We ensure that any changes in your tax, operation and marketing status are always included in our financial planning strategy for you and your business.

Teaming with Gough Financial Group, Inc. (or your personal financial planner) we offer personal financial planning through services such as:

  • Personal financial analysis
  • Personal financial statement
  • Preference discovery for wealth building
  • Stage of life planning
  • Single woman planning
  • Wealth management