Industries Served

  • Construction

    Whether you are a small home builder, a sub-contractor or large construction company, operating a successful business in the construction industry means conquering seemingly impossible odds. Scarce financing, rising costs, fierce competition, changing regulations, unstable surety market, labor issues and more make teaming with a great professional accounting firm a necessity.

    We work with contractors and construction firms of all types and sizes as well as architectural and engineering firms. While our experience is broad, it is also deep. We help to ensure your company’s individual goals and objectives are met by immersing our experts in your business to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and by tailoring our approach accordingly.

    Whether you are looking for accounting, tax, assurance, compliance, outsourced business or consulting services, it is our knowledge of the complex construction industry combined with our personal commitment to understand your unique business that enables us to provide innovative solutions and the highest caliber of service.

  • Healthcare

    Whether you are a Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist, Chiropractor or other health-care professional you need the services of Criser, Gough &  Parrish.

    Business entity selection, differed compensation and succession planning are just a few of the issues impacting the medical business.

    Our knowledge and experience benefits you in navigating the complex tax and business management issues that impact the health-care professional.

  • Law Firms

    It is clear that law firms are unique. The various tax implications of partnerships or other ownership structures as well as quality of life issues make planning difficult. Achieving the optimum balance between operating a successful professional organization and a profitable business requires planning and guidance. Criser, Gough & Parrish brings this expertise to your business

    In addition to helping your business we also provide litigation support to assist you.  Reputation and experience can make us a valuable member of your team.

  • Manufacturing

    CGP understands the complexities of the small manufacturing company and machine shop.  An accounting and tax firm that understands job costing, inventory control, uniform capitalization rules, etc. is essential to your success.

    Bring experience and expertise to your business with CGP.

  • Nonprofits

    We have experience with nonprofits, especially Churches and other 501(c)(3) charities.

  • Professional Services

    Some of the services that CGP can provide to professional service organizations include:

    • Employee benefit plan services
    • Business succession planning
    • Tax planning and compliance
    • Due diligence
    • Budgeting and financing
    • Review* and accounting

    * Review and attest services may be provided by Criser and Mardis, Chartered, an independent CPA firm.

  • Real Estate

    If you own real estate for investment or are in the real estate business, Criser, Gough & Parrish provides the expertise you need.

    Whether it’s a 1031 exchange, depreciation life question or a return on investment decision, CGP provides the experience and knowledge you need.

    The rules are constantly changing in the real estate income tax arena.  CGP will keep you up to date.

  • Retail

    The operation of a retail business requires constant analysis.  CGP professionals can assist with with internal control reviews, Point Of Sale inventory systems analysis, store expansion, financing, cash management, store profitability, inventory management, shrink analysis, inventory turnover, and gross-margin analysis.

    Services include:

    • Tax planning and compliance
    • Benefits & Insurance
    • Business succession planning
    • Budgeting and financing
    • Review* and accounting services

    CGP offers information and insight.

    * Review and attest services may be provided by Criser and Mardis, Chartered, an independent CPA firm.

  • Small Business

    From tax planning to succession planning issues to benefits and insurance services, these experts know what works and what doesn’t work and will guide you and your business in the right direction.

    Our services include:

    • Tax
    • Assurance Services*
    • QuickBooks and IT Consulting
    • Strategic Planning
    • Human Resources
    • Family Financial Planning
    • Benefits & Insurance
    • Litigation & Insolvency Support
    • Management Consulting
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Investment Management

    * Review and attest services may be provided by Criser and Mardis, Chartered, an independent CPA firm.